Payroll in San Jose

Are you spending too much time and money handling payroll? As a small business owner, you may be tired of doing the menial task of data entry, paying for yearly audits for worker’s comp and worrying about how much you are spending on this repetitive, yet vital job. Payroll seriously affects your cash flow and you need to insure that you have the money in the bank when the checks are cashed.

At Carson and Crew Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, we know the importance of reliable support, complete government compliance and ease of use of payroll services for the small business owner. We work with you to save you time and money with your payroll processing. Experts in payroll technology, Carson and Crew provides direct deposit services, online access to important payroll documents, complete government compliance and quick access to vital financial reports at an affordable cost , whether you are in the Silicon Valley area or not.

Carson and Crew Payroll Services meets your needs as an employer who needs to insure that payroll services are affordable, complete and compliant. Customers who take advantage of our payroll service in and out of San Jose find that they have:

  • Increased revenues or profitability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Decreased operational expenses
  • Government compliance with regard to payroll
  • Freedom from worry – knowing that your payroll is good hands, allowing you to improve your cash flow and save money – with a smile!

Payroll services are based on the number of employees you have plus an all-inclusive flat fee..

Get started now! View our Payroll Demo and then call (408- 445-6100) or email ( to schedule a complimentary appointment so we can help you begin saving money immediately!

What Do Carson and Crew Payroll Services Provide?

Our payroll service provides decreased operating expenses, improved detail reporting and government compliance so you can decrease the time and money you spend on payroll processing without worrying about being overcharged, compliance penalties or poor management decisions.

The service includes:

  • Check copies for you to print on QuickBooks compatible checks in your office on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  We also provide the means for you to update QuickBooks at the end of every pay cycle.
  • Direct deposit for all employees, as well as online access for these employees to their own paystubs.
  • Payment of all payroll taxes in a timely manner via electronic deposit.
  • Filing all quarterly and yearly statements electronically for you, including electronic copies for your files and paper W-2s for your employees.

One Payroll Client’s Story

A local client was using another online payroll service when she came to us because she had a payroll error that her service could not seem to correct. She was being charged large fees to attempt the correction.  Her frustration was so great that she came to us to see how we could help her.

We got her started on our payroll solutions.  We provided a test database so she could check it out.  She was pleased with the clean, uncluttered screens and ease of use.  While she wasn’t’ looking for savings – only a better solution – she got savings as well, about 25% over her current fees.

She has excellent support whenever almost any time she needs it.  She received an unexpected bonus – direct deposit for all her contractors and employees and their ability to see their stubs online.  Her cash flow improved because she could plan better for her payroll taxes on a monthly basis.

This yoga studio owner now has a smile on her face every time she processes payroll, instead of the scowl she used to have.